How to Increase Your Home's Value

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How to Increase Your Home's Value

Here are some ideas on how to make your home more enticing to Prospective Buyers:

These are National averages according to Realtor Magazine:


1. "Minor kitchen remodel (88%)"  ----->  It is commomly know among Real Estate Agent that  nice looking Kitchens will make your home extremely attractive to buyers.

2. Bathroom remodel (85%)           -----> Buyer are afraid of taking big undertaking with a new home, so remodeling the Bathroom will make buyer feel at ease with the purchase.

3. Major kitchen remodel (81%)     -----> "Sold" That's ritht! Lots of homes are sold just because the remoled kitchen was that amazing and the buyer just have to have it.

4. Family room addition (80%)       ----->  Who won't want an extra room to play in. Friends and family will aways have a place to stay and relax.

5. Deck addition (77%)                   -----> Ahhhhh!! the beauty of the outdoors, nothing says family like grilling on your deck with friends and family.

6. Master suite (75%)                    ----->   Having a master suite makes your home a heaven for buyers, a place where they can go to relax and have privacy.

7. Attic bedroom (74%)                  ----->  This room is always usefull to have for children, visitors, used for storage, or just to make your own office away from work.

8. Siding replacement (73%)          -----> Less maintainace required in a home, more Buyer knocking on your doors!!

9. Window replacement (69%)       -----> The expense to replace windows could be a determining factor in how long your home would sit on the market, think about replacing them and your home will sell a lot faster.

10. Home office (55%)                    ----->  Your own space for you to work or keep your hobbies alive. A home office shows the home builder put effort and thought of everything a home might need.

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